Updated 3-8-2022


  • Labor (departure from home (Westfield) until departure from milling site) – $30/hour
  • Use of sawmill – $0.15/board ft., Vermont Log Scale
  • Mill transport – $2/mile, one way
  • Blade sharpening – $11/blade (plan on 3-6 sharpenings per 1000 board feet)
  • Blade replacement (if blade is broken by foreign objects in your log) – $35/blade

What does this all add up to, in terms of price per board foot?  This number will vary based on how far away you’re located, if your logs are clean and organized, if you supply an able-bodied helper to speed things along, the condition of your site, and even the type of wood (spruce, in particular, will add cost).  If everything is in order before the sawyer arrives, you can be sure you are getting a good price for the work.  For a more detailed list of things you can do to minimize the cost of having your wood sawn, see Getting the Most from your Sawyer.

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